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The kit screens air quality, surfaces, and drinking water. Receive the benefit of accurate screening and the assistance you need in understanding the solutions available for contaminated air, surfaces, and/or drinking water.

The kit comes with a total of TWELVE (12) collection devices as follows:

  1. 4-White-Capped Bacteria Swabs for Coliform/Sewage Collection: These swabs could be used on any wall or ceiling surface, in standing water, or from slug sediment to determine the bacteria levels of a variety of microbiological contaminants that might result from fecal matter. Especially in flood conditions the sewer and septic systems are emptied into the streets and the remaining contaminants can prove deadly to those who come in contract with it.
  2. 4-Blue-Capped Fungus/Mold Swabs for Mold Screening: These swabs could be used on areas where "invisible" mold spores have settled out or on surfaces where mold has grown to determine the type of mold and its viability.
  3. 2-Tape Lifts for Mold Screening: These lifts are used on visible mold growth to identify the growing mold but will not evaluate the viability of such mold. Using the swabs and tape lifts in conjunction with one another will give the customer the information he needs to determine the extent of the mold contamination.
  4. 2-Water Vials for Drinking Water Collection: These are used to determine the contamination of drinking water with coliform and other types of water-borne bacteria resulting from the entry of fecal matter into the water system. When boil alerts are suggested, the primary concern is a high level of coliform and this screening would verify the need to continue standard safe practices for such contaminated drinking water.

The Disaster Screening Kit is good way to collect the information needed to determine the extent of contamination in air, surfaces, and drinking water. We are offering a service unmatched in the industry.

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