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Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), resulting in Building Related Illnesses (BRI), has been a growing issue in the United States. Unfortunately, many people have not been able to afford the costs associated with hiring an environmental company to check their structure for harmful toxins like toxic mold and other allergens. Their suspicions had to remain unconfirmed.

Doug Hoffman, Licensed Indoor Air Quality Consultant, of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Solution of Tampa Bay and Louisiana Environmental Technologies researched the testing industry and teamed up with Glenn Moore, a Licensed/Certified Microbiologist, to produce a low-cost do-it-yourself solution for homeowners and business-owners to test the environmental quality of the air they breathe.

Glenn Moore

Glenn Moore, #SU30654

¤ Microbiologist Supervisor
¤ Oversee quality control
¤ Bacteriology
¤ Parasitology
¤ Phlebotomy
¤ Clinical Laboratory Supervisor

Doug Hoffman

Doug Hoffman, #35930.000

¤ Marketing Director
¤ State Certified General Contractor
¤ State Certified Roofing Contractor
¤ State Certified Plumbing Contractor
¤ Licensed Indoor Air Quality Consultant
¤ Seminar Speaker
   IAQ/H2O Seminars
   Mold/Mildew Seminars
   Mold-Free Construction Seminars

¤ Member of Advisory Board

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